Friday, October 17, 2008

Now Kuwait Just A Minute...

Welcome to desolate Camp Buehring, Kuwait! Located on the deserted plains of the Persian Gulf, this Army base is a reception and staging area for all sorts of military units on their way to Iraq: Military Police, Field Artillery, Quartermasters, Aviation, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, etc. The landscape may appear barren and moon-like, but it comes alive at night with snakes, camel spiders, kangaroo mice, and scorpions. Scorpions!

In true morale-boosting fashion, the food here is superb: polite Kuwaitis in tailored uniforms dish out a variety of steaming entrees, accompanied by fresh fruit and salad bar, dessert bar (31 Flavors in the house!), and plentiful drinks. In a nod to our Arab hosts, the walls are festooned with portraits of the various historical Emirs (Kings) of Kuwait. We exited the dining hall this morning to the melodious strains of the movie score from "Patton" blasted from the PA system. No mosques here, no muezzins or calls-to-prayer.

The brave troops of the 315th Psychological Operations Company are billeted in a long, semi-cylindrical tent known fondly as Tent 16-26.

The units that pass through like to paint the concrete bomb-blast barriers (known as "Jersey Barriers") with their unit crest/insignia/motto, etc. I doubt anyone in my unit will be motivated enough to do this before we leave. I'm not sure where they find the paint.

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