Friday, October 24, 2008

Kuwaiting and Waiting...

Day 7 in Kuwait arrived this morning. Inclement weather (sandstorms, if you must know) delayed our flight into Baghdad, so now the brave soldiers of the 315th PSYOP Company maintain a holding pattern in Tent 26-16. A holding pattern comprised of laptop movies, long naps, sumptuous chow-hall spreads, and really boring views of the desert.

Not to mention the incessant drone of diesel generators, which power everything on this remote square of arid terrain known as Camp Buehring. Come dusk, a soldier in a hardhat and golf cart buzzes around to each of hundreds of stand-alone floodlight generators dotting the base, and fires them up for the night.

There is no quiet to be had, anywhere, ever.

With all the extra time, we managed to put up our own painted t-wall barrier. Pretty sweet! I helped with the flames.

Have you ever done laundry in a plastic garbage bag? I just did. Jealous?

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