Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baghdad Blues

Did I mention that I have no interest in returning to Iraq? The last time I left that turbulent country I praised the Lord for getting me through safely, and vowed never to return.

You know what they say about saying "Never".

What choices do I have? Two years left on my Army contract, and the options of fleeing to Canada or inflicting self-injury are just as distasteful to me as this deployment. So I give my concerns to God, en sha'allah. I don't get paid a dime more for getting worried or angry about my situation.

I do, however, make little videos with my webcam and e-mail them to Madeline and Joan. Madeline is getting so tall I doubt I will recognize her when I get back. Here is a picture of Madeline doing her best Moqtada al Sadr impression.

We fly to Kuwait mid-October. I'll soon be giving up clean water, warm showers, hot food, comfortable housing, time with my family, and 47% of my civilian pay for the privilege of hobnobbing with frustrated Arabs in the name of freedom and democracy.

Time machine, please.

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