Tuesday, September 16, 2008


They took my Dude! As predicted, too much cerebral talent resided on my team, resulting in the removal of SPC Duldulao. "The Dude" as we called him got yanked over to Headquarters Detachment, where he will spend the balance of the deployment making copies, getting coffee, and counting boxes of PSYOP leaflets. Exciting!

In his place, may I have the privilege of introducing Sergeant Jung Hoon Choi - Korean ex-patriate, two-time veteran (Iraq, Afghanistan) and motorcycling enthusiast. (photo forthcoming) I don't know Sergeant Choi too well yet, but so far he is very quiet and unassuming.

Other than the shake-up on my team, we have been visiting the outdoor ranges lately: machine gun, grenade launcher, and today, the 9mm pistol. They don't allow photos on the ranges, so no photos! I did, however, get to take pictures at gas-mask class (CBNR: Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiation). The black stuff is for decontamination after a gas attack.

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