Monday, September 08, 2008

Body Armor Day

We still have to wear body armor in Iraq - we wear it for training as well as fighting. The latest body armor systems have kevlar pieces everywhere - throat, groin, side-plates, back-of-the-neck. It limits mobility to have every piece on your body - for training we keep the main torso protector and that's it.

We inventoried our loudspeaker systems. The loudspeaker is traditionally mounted to the top of our humvees. However the word on the street is that the PSYOP teams will be rolling around in MRAP vehicles. Wonder what an MRAP is?

We have started the first official week of our Mobilization Training, with a set of machine-gun classes. M249, M240B, and the M2 will be included. I can't wait to get my hands on the M2 - also known as the .50-cal, or "Ma Deuce". The others I have fired before, but never the M2.

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