Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Hesco Garden Dyeth

Everything I planted has died.

Too much heat & poor drainage in my starter pots, I'm guessing.

They were doing so well for a while there.

The funny thing is, they all died within a 3-day span of one another. First, one pot would start wilting and shriveling. The next day, two more pots. By the third day, all pots, both tomatoes and peppers, were dead. Certainly not for lack of water. I hope I don't have a black thumb. I welcome any experienced gardeners who can help me diagnose the problem.

Other things that have died recently:

1) My youthful idealism
2) Any hopes I had of coming home from Iraq early
3) Plans for an early retirement
4) Dreams of rockstardom


Anonymous said...

Hey let's get back to work on #4 after #2 clears up. With that will come #1 and possibly #3.

Daphne said...

Sorry to hear it dude...maybe the soil doesn't have enough nutrients? Next summer we'll have a tomato harvest.